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Organisational development continues to be a priority for many companies and we are pleased that more and more clients are not only coming on our main programs but are also requesting bespoke programs to provide the leadership and management needs of their teams.

One such client is Cheltenham-based Saracen Care whose Managing Director, Julia Everard, participated on LEAD™ Cohort 14 and is currently participating on GOLD™ Cohort 6. Recognising the importance of investing in the development of the senior management team, Julia asked us to design a bespoke program for them. And we were delighted with its kick off at the end of June when the group were introduced to Leadership Styles and Behaviours.

(L-R: Emma Prowse, Konstantin Petrov and Becci Hopton, at our office)

The bespoke program for Saracen Care covers 4 main areas of development - Knowledge of leadership, Reflection on leadership, Participating in Leading and Leadership Experiences - and includes access to our Online Leadership & Management Centre. This means that the delegates follow a blended learning approach whereby they join in-person workshop sessions on key topics at our office, and in between the sessions access our short courses and modules online to complement the in-person training.

The group also have monthly Think Tanks online where they can ask questions about any of the tools or techniques from the online course, they share their key learning points from it, and identify what they are going to do differently as a result of their learning. For the duration of their program they also carry out a project based on leadership style/behaviour or communication and recognition and present the findings and recommendations from their projects to the Board.

By having a mixture of facilitated and independent learning, the team are provided with the relevant knowledge and encouraged to develop their critical thinking and reflective skills, allowing them to gain the confidence to ‘step up’ and run the business on a day-to-day basis.

Examples of the key topics include Effectively Leading People, Effective Communication, Giving Effective Feedback to Improve Performance, Effectively Leading Change and Effective Delegation.

Julia shared with us, “Having a leadership program tailored to our management team is a real benefit for us. The feedback so far has been great and it is wonderful to see the managers working together and implementing their learning.”

If you'd like more information about our consultancy services and bespoke programs, click here. Or get in touch with Rachael here to speak directly.


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