Skill Steps© Partnership with AccXel

Nicola Bird at LEAD graduation

We are pleased to be able to share with you the news that we have joined forces with fellow leading training provider, AccXel, to form a partnership to advance the skills of people at all levels in the construction industry.

AccXel, the new Construction Skills Accelerator Centre, and QuoLux™ have created Skill Steps©, a new program which defines a pathway for individuals entering or progressing through the construction industry.


 “We are delighted to have QuoLux™ as a partner in such an exciting initiative. Their experience and insights into people development were instrumental in the formation of the Skill Steps© program and to have their facilitators delivering the Personal Development modules on levels 3, 4 and 5 is incredible,” announces Nicola Bird, Founder and Managing Director of AccXel.

Jo Draper, Director of QuoLux™ comments, “It truly is a privilege to be partners with AccXel and work alongside Nicola and the team. There is such energy, enthusiasm and engagement surrounding this excellent initiative. We fully support their vision to develop people at all levels and help create a conveyor belt of talent for companies in the construction sector. We look forward to delivering the first leadership, management and teamwork sessions in early 2022.”

The five Skill STEPS©

Nicola continues, “There are five levels to Skill STEPS© from trainees and new employees at level 1 through to skilled trade people at level 2, team leaders at level 3, senior site supervisors at level 4, and site managers at level 5.

“The Skill STEPS© program provides the opportunity to develop a career. It allows individuals to build upon knowledge as they work their way up the STEPS©, gaining the confidence and self-belief required to safely and successfully work on site and develop the skills to lead and manage a construction site.

“We believe it is important that we offer such a breadth in skill levels. For example, the focus of STEP 1 is on youngsters in school considering entering the construction sector. STEP 1 will provide a vital bridge for school leavers into construction. We are proud of our in-house Careers Liaison team who are working with local schools.

“At the other end of the scale, our partnership with QuoLux™ will advance lifelong learning as people at STEP 5 can progress onto their leadership and management development programs if they and their employers are looking to develop their organisations and invest further in them becoming better leaders and managers.

“The new AccXel training centre will welcome its first students in January 2022. We are already receiving many enquiries from a diverse range of companies about sending their team leaders and supervisors onto STEP 3. That is another reason we’re so pleased we are working with QuoLux™ as our clients will immediately be benefitting from their industry leading training.”

Stewart introduces Skill Steps in his LEAD™ Masterclass on Leading Change. He says, "I am delighted that AccXel have picked up Skill Steps and worked with us to create a version for the construction industry. It's another wonderful example of where Nicola as a LEAD™ and GOLD™ Alumna has learned something and applied that learning in her workplace, which is what we encourage all business leaders to do. That is, take models, frameworks and approaches from our programs and apply them in their business and to themselves, making them their own."


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